Who are we?

Čajová květina s.r.o. (Tea Flower Ltd.) is a leading supplier of Matcha Tea to
gastronomic facilities, shops and wellness & fitness centres.
We purchase Matcha Tea directly from the manufacturer and the tea is grown 
in the Aichi prefecture, Japan.
We choose products representing a modern, healthy lifestyle, focusing on popularizing lesser
known products and/or innovative processing or offering of traditional products.

We are constantly expanding our range of products and we are trying to
maintain the high quality of our products. 
Customer relationship is the most important of the sales process for us, therefore we put
great emphasis on a professional training provided for free. 
We regularly participate in exhibitions, provide tea tasting on premises, and seminars on
healthy nutrition.From spring to autumn, we tour with our mobile Matcha Tea bar around various                       
concerts and festivals, where we introduce different ways of preparing Matcha Tea to visitors.
Our mission is to make you familiar with this unique tea and provide
maximum information about it.
Keep in mind that Matcha Tea is not a self-explaining product.
Matcha Tea is a beverage that needs initial training and needs further public education.
The traders who are aware of this are very successful and satisfied with selling Matcha Tea. 

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E-mail: info@matchatea.cz

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