Bio Matcha Shake

Všechny články | Published: 12 / 19 / 2017

Bio Matcha Shake is 100% organic energy drink. It was launched in 2016 after almost one year of development and it has become a very unique matcha tea product worldwide.

An initial idea of Bio Matcha Shake appeared in 2013. However at that time Matcha Tea celebrated only its first year on the market and we knew, that we need to focus more on its promotion before any other products can be developed.
Since then we have been devoted propagators of a genuine Japanese matcha and our Matcha Tea has become a synonym for a high quality product.Meanwhile we have begun to look for business partners, who could guarantee and maintain our high quality standards. It took some time till we found them, but we did it.Nowadays we have been developing new products in cooperation with Biopekarna Zemanka, Amylon, Vivo Food or Delibutus. Bio Matcha Shake with apricot flavour is the newest outcome of this successful cooperation. 

Why was Bio Matcha Shake created?

Many of us is having difficulty to get our body going in the morning. Matcha Tea is definitely a very good remedy for that, but its boosting effect may be too strong if taken on an empty stomach. That is why we wanted to create a product, which would provide us with necessary energy for the start of the day, yet in a more gentle way. In cooperation with Amylon and after more than one year of development and testing we were able to deliver a product having such criteria and tasting great at the same time!

What is Bio Matcha Shake?

Bio Matcha Shake is 100% organic energy drink characterized by gradual energy release and long-lasting effects. It contains an organic rice syrup, which is having a nice mild taste. Because of its composition and a lower glycemic index this natural sweetener does not burden pancreas. If compared to refined sugar it does not contribute to washing away of some minerals from the body and does not increase stomach acidity. An organic whey is another ingredient of Bio Matcha Shake. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, improves metabolism, detoxifies the body, helps to decrease cholesterol level and supports kidney function. Bio Matcha Shake is free from gluten, palm oil and refined sugar.

How to prepare Bio Matcha Shake?

The preparation of the drink is quite easy. A cold version: Mix the package content with 2 dL cold water, shake well. Use a shaker or a plastic bottle. A warm version: Mix the package content with 2 dL hot water(60°C), shake well. Ideally use a shaker. 

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